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The Java EE 5 Song

Posted in funny, Java by plunchete on July 9, 2008

It’s not new but I discovered this song yesterday, it’s really funny and a little bit geek 😛

The Java EE 5 song and the original post


Ladies and gentlemen, this is Java EE 5!

One, two, three, four, five
There’s a technology I use day and night
For my application with a web frontend
They told me to use .Net
But I really don´t wanna

So many bugs I fixed last week.
My code is neat and talk is a cheap
I like Glassfish, JSF, persistence API
And as I continue you know they´re gettin´ sweeter

So what can I do I really beg you my Lord
To me codin’ it´s just like a sport
All the bad code from the past, let me dump it
Please set in the trumpet

A little bit of injection in my life
A little bit of persistence by my side
A little bit of NetBeans is all I need
A little bit of EJB’s what I see
A little bit of standards in the sun
A little bit of XML all night long
A little bit web services here I am
A little bit of code makes me real man

This is Java EE 5!

Jump up and down and move your code around
Shake your head to the sound bury bad code under ground
Move one step left and one step right
One to the front and one to the side
Refactor it once and refactor it twice
If it looks like this you’re doin´ it right

A little bit of injection in my life
A little bit of persistence by my side
A little bit of NetBeans is all I need
A little bit of EJB’s is what I see
A little bit of standards in the sun
A little bit of XML all night long
A little bit web services here I am
A little bit of code makes me real man

This is Java EE 5!


Spain wins the Euro2008!!!

Posted in Spain by plunchete on June 30, 2008

44 years after … Spain wins the Eurocup again. No coments.

Apache OpenJPA 1.1.0 Now Available

Posted in Java, OpenJPA, OpenSource by plunchete on June 26, 2008

Apache OpenJPA 1.1.0 is now available at and via Maven. Version 1.1.0 includes a number of new features and bugfixes, including:

  • Improvements in SQL generation for DB2, Oracle and MySQL
  • Support for memory-friendly streaming of BLOB and CLOB data
  • Support for interface-only domain models
  • Collections and Maps can now contain primitives, enums and @Embeddables, as well as @Entity and @MappedSuperclass types
  • Assorted performance and scalability improvements

For more details, see the release notes.

OpenJPA 1.1.0 was released some weeks ago but until yesterday we didn’t have a oficial announce, they has some problems with the artifacts signatures in maven.

The support for memory-friendly streaming of BLOB and CLOB data was my work in the summer of code 🙂

I move to Luxembourg

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on May 27, 2008

I announce it last week in my current company, at the end of this month I don’t renew my contract, I decided to move to Luxembourg, I’m going to work in Intrasoft, the final clients are going to be the European Institutions. I’m very excited with this opportunity, I’ve been looking forward to go out of Spain the last two years, and finally I decided to do it now.

I think that it will be a great experience, I’m going to a diferent country, diferent languaje, I don’t know anyone in the country … maybe this types of things should make me feel some scare but not, I’m excited, I want to do this!!

I will put my experiences here, maybe it can helps somebody …

PS If you know someone in Luxembourg, I’m looking for a room in a shared flat and someone to drink a beer or something, contact me.

Streaming support for PostgreSQL in Apache OpenJPA

Posted in OpenJPA by plunchete on May 13, 2008

Hi all,

Yesterday was commited to the 1.1.0 branch my patch with Stream support in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL uses a diferent table to save the Large Objects and now Apache OpenJPA does it in the right way, in my opinion is a good news to the people who works with OpenJPA and Postgres, now they have more funcionalities. I addition, I’ created some docs about the Streaming LOB support, and the JIRA issue is resolved. You can try it in the nightly snapshot relase, I think that it will be an official release soon. Now is the time to look for another issues to contribute with this project.

At the moment Apache OpenJPA has Streaming support in MySQL, Oracle, Micrsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

I’m very happy to contribute with this community, also this is one of “my things to do this year“.

PS I promise to increase my post in this blog 🙂

SoC 2008 is on!!

Posted in Google Summer of Code by plunchete on February 25, 2008

With these words Leslie Hawthorn presented today the Google Summer of Code 2008. Google organized it three times before (2005, 2006, 2007). The Summer of Code program is an oportunity to contribute with one Open Source community, an portunity to earn some money coding and the oportunity to meet interesting people. Last year participated in the program 90 students from arround the world.

Personally, I took part in the program last year and was a great experience for me, this year I can’t participe becuase I finished my degree in november, next year I hope to be a mentor, this year I’m not feel ready for this yet. I will not take the new shirt 😦 !!! At least I have some friends who are going to apply this year.

If you want to participate in the Summer of Code program and have some doubts about the proposal, you can see my SoC proposal or if you want you can contact me via e-mail (plunchete _ or post a coment in this blog, I will be happy to help you.

If you are a 18 years or older student and you love coding you should apply!

The world will be ours

Posted in General by plunchete on February 23, 2008
From left to right, Nestor (WiZiTo), Juan Luis (crash) and me. In this picture Alberto (gimenete) is missing.
Remember our faces, we will give something to talk about.

My five things to do in 2008.

Posted in About Me by plunchete on February 1, 2008

I have been thinking about my plans this year and finally I decided to put it in a public list, all this plans are about my technical aspirations:

  • Learn about PHP and Zend Framework. Why? Although I’m a Java developer (more or less because now I’m coding in JavaScript at work) I want to learn new languages.
  • Rise my contributions in Apache OpenJPA and get the committer status in this project. Why? Because is a great oportunity to learn with some of the best Java developers in one of the most influential communities within the Java Platform. In addition, I wish to colaborate with the OpenSource community.
  • Do a project with my friends Alberto and Néstor, we’ve a lot of projects on queue. Why? IMHO is the time to do a personal project and they are the perfect company.
  • Finish my article about JPA for the javaHispano community. Why? javaHispano is the best Java community for spanish speakers, I’ve learned a lot in this community and I want to contribute with them.
  • Write more technical articles in this blog. Why? Beacuse I created this blog to speak about mi work in the SoC and to improve my english, is a personal commitment.

All this task are about my “free” time, these will be very hard because when I arrive home I’m very tired and I only want to rest … but I really want to do it … I will have to do an effort.

Steve Jobs keynote (Stevenote) in 60 seconds

Posted in Apple, funny by plunchete on January 16, 2008

Source: techcrunch.

Some news about me

Posted in About Me, General by plunchete on December 28, 2007

Hi all!!

Last weeks I was so busy, many changes in my life. Now I’m living and working in Barcelona, to be more specific in Telefonica Research and Development. They contacted me because of this blog, it’s an amazing thing 🙂

In these weeks / months I have finished my degree, I’ve obtained the maximum rating in my end-of-degree thesis. My thesis has been about my work in the Summer of Code program.

Last week I recorded a podcast about ORMs for JavaHispano, JavaHispano is the bigger Java community in Spanish, this podcast is available on this web. Moreover I’m writing Java Persistence API (JPA) tutorial for this community, this tutorial will be available at soon as posible.

On top, I’m trying to collaborate with the Apache OpenJPA project, I’m writing a patch to add Streams support for the Derby DB.

I will try to write an update every week, I would like to write several technical articles about JPA and Apache OpenJPA. In Barcelona I want to attend some conferences like the First Tuesday España or many others, if you have information about an interesting conference in Barcelona please let me know.