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I move to Luxembourg

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on May 27, 2008

I announce it last week in my current company, at the end of this month I don’t renew my contract, I decided to move to Luxembourg, I’m going to work in Intrasoft, the final clients are going to be the European Institutions. I’m very excited with this opportunity, I’ve been looking forward to go out of Spain the last two years, and finally I decided to do it now.

I think that it will be a great experience, I’m going to a diferent country, diferent languaje, I don’t know anyone in the country … maybe this types of things should make me feel some scare but not, I’m excited, I want to do this!!

I will put my experiences here, maybe it can helps somebody …

PS If you know someone in Luxembourg, I’m looking for a room in a shared flat and someone to drink a beer or something, contact me.


I took a decision about my future

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on August 27, 2007

In this days I was thinking about my future, I have found a great comunity for spanish people who want to go to other country. I was thinking in my future since a few months, but last week I took a decision, I want to go to Ireland when I finish my exams, concretly I want to go to Dublin.

Dublin has a great companies and a amazing software industry, for example US-based companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and many more companies are in Dublin. Yeah, have a job in these companies will be amazing, but It will be very dificult …

My plans, if all my exams will be ok, are going to fligth to Dublin in October, 15th / 14th, search an english academy and a flat (maybe a shared house), I think that an english academy will be good to improve my english fast. And after the first month I will try to find a job, as java developer.

Dublin has great job offers in Java, some good webs to search a jobs are:

And some webs to search for flats:

If you are from Spain, Spaniards is a great web page with a loot of people in other countries like USA, UK, Ireland … If you have a question about something you only have to use the searcher.

And if somebody has a good job offer for me, please email me 😉