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My favorite song

Posted in About Me, life, music by plunchete on May 13, 2010

Usually when I say to someone that I have a favorite song they look weird to me. Why? Because the great majority of people that I know cannot pick just one song. Oooookay … I have a favorite song but non a second or a third, not either a top 10 … these depends on the day. Not big deal, huh? ;).

What is my favorite song?

My favorite song is Paloma by Andres Calamaro. Andres Calamaro is an Argentinian singer born in 1961 and has been member of some pretty famous (at least in Spain) rock bands like “Los Abuelos de la nada or “Los Rodriguez”.

Why is my favorite song?

First of all was the first song that I heard by Andres Calamaro around eight years ago. Calamaro is one of my favorite singers  (I don’t have just one, I have plenty).

I like the lyrics, from the first letter to the last one. Of course I love the music of the song too, from the first guitar until the end of the song.

In eight years I can’t count the times that I heard. Trust me,  tons of times :P.

For me the most important reason, this song is not just a period of my life, it’s not just a person or a situation. I associate with several people (friends, family, girls, strangers), cities, places, situations, etc. across the years. So if you have been around me long enough you probably are a part of this song  too :).

I’ve been twice in Calamaro’s concerts and in both he played Paloma (I just have been in two concerts because from 2000 to 2005 he didn’t make concerts). I hope to be in my third concert in September!.

And what about you? Do you have a favorite song?.

So here it’s the song and the tyrics, enjoy it!.

Andrés Calamaro – Paloma 1999

Mi vida fuimos a volar
con un solo paracaídas
uno sólo va a quedar
volando a la deriva
Vivir así no es vivir
esperando y esperando
porque vivir es jugar
y yo quiero seguir jugando
Le dije a mi corazón
sin gloria pero sin pena
no cometas el crimen, varón
si no vas a cumplir la condena
Quiero vivir dos veces
para poder olvidarte
quiero llevarte conmigo
y no voy a ninguna parte
No te preocupes, Paloma
hoy no estoy adentro mío
tu amor es mi enfermedad
soy un envase vacío
No te preocupes Paloma
no hay pájaros en el nido
dos ilusiones se irán a volar
pero otras dos han venido
Si me olvido de vivir
colgado de sentimientos
voy a vivir para repetir otra vez
este momento
Te bajaría del cielo, mujer
la luna hasta tu cama
porque es muy poco de amor
sólo una vez por semana
Puse precio a mi libertad
y nadie quiso pagarlo
te cambio tu corazón por el mío
para mirarlo y mirarlo
Ampas de gloria, mujer
quiero un pedazo de cielo
para invitarte a dormir
en la cama o en el suelo
un sacrificio ritual bien o mal
yo quiero hacerle a mi estrella
sin principio ni final
no quiero vivir sin ella
Quiero vivir dos veces
para poder olvidarte
quiero llevarte conmigo
y no voy a ninguna parte
No te preocupes, Paloma
hoy no estoy adentro mío
tu amor es mi enfermedad
soy un envase vacío
No te preocupes Paloma
no hay pájaros en el nido
dos ilusiones se irán a volar
pero otras dos han venido


Posted in About Me, General by plunchete on April 4, 2010

Today I decided to write a post. I didn’t write in this blog for a while and I don’t know if I’m going to write in the future but I have been thinking about write something for months. I never had time or inspiration to do it.

Regarding the blog, this old and crappy blog, I decided to do some changes on it.

New blog theme: I don’t like the old one anymore. When I started the blog I suppose I thought it was nice but as I said I don’t like it anymore, I’ve choose a simple theme for the blog, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

New blog title: The previous title of this blog was “Thirsty of code”. Why I decided to use “Thirsty of code”? When I started this blog my intention was to write about code, programming stuff, and that kind of things. Now I decided to move forward, this blog is about me, about things that I like to write here. For this reason I decided to change the blog title. I have been thinking about it and finally I found the inspiration. The title of the blog is now “Nowbody calls me Ignacio. I’m plunchete, man!” Where it comes from? I found the inspiration in an old t-shirt, a t-shirt that I don’t have any more, in a t-shirt from a great movie, the movie is The big Lebowski and this is the t-shirt

T-Shirt The Big Lebowski

New categories: I used to add categories on demand but today I added two. The new categories are life and music. I would like to explain to you why music is so important for me. No, I don’t play any instrument and every time I sing God kills a cat but I really like music. Songs are really important in my life, my life has a soundtrack (I’m pretty sure yours too ;)), some songs are playing around always, some are past, some are a person, a story, a bunch of friends, a trip, etc. Every song has a meaning for me.

BTW the title of this post reminds me a song

Changes – David Bowie

debug_mode=ON social network for developers

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I’m happy to announce the creation of a social network in Spanish for developers, the web is For the moment you can write articles, rate them and comment an article also you can create groups, each group has a forum and the articles can be associated with the groups.

The user is the most important in our portal, for this reason a user can EARN MONEY publishing articles, you only need your Google Adsense id.

We have created debug_mode=ON based on the idea of the ton of diferent technologies that a developer can learn today. So, a user can creates articles about Java or Cobol, about Agile methodologies, SEO, design patterns, or how to do anything. The groups werw created with the idea of debate arround a concrete subject or a general one (depending the group) all arround the them of computers.

To do the site we used Python, it’s running on the service Google App Engine. We licensed our code under Affero GPL, so our code is Open Source.

debug_mode=ON is a beta version, we’ve opened a thread to get your feedback, ¡all the opinions are wellcome!.

You can read the offical announce here.

Pictures of this weekend

Posted in About Me, Luxembourg by plunchete on July 22, 2008

As I said this weekend I had my first visit, thanks to come 🙂

Some pictures of the weedend

This weekend I have my first visit in Luxembourg

Posted in About Me, Luxembourg by plunchete on July 18, 2008

This weekend I have my first visit in Luxembourg, they are Alberto, his girlfriend Leticia and Alba. I hope to be a good host :). I’m looking forward the visit, now I´m going to the train station to pick them up!

I move to Luxembourg

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on May 27, 2008

I announce it last week in my current company, at the end of this month I don’t renew my contract, I decided to move to Luxembourg, I’m going to work in Intrasoft, the final clients are going to be the European Institutions. I’m very excited with this opportunity, I’ve been looking forward to go out of Spain the last two years, and finally I decided to do it now.

I think that it will be a great experience, I’m going to a diferent country, diferent languaje, I don’t know anyone in the country … maybe this types of things should make me feel some scare but not, I’m excited, I want to do this!!

I will put my experiences here, maybe it can helps somebody …

PS If you know someone in Luxembourg, I’m looking for a room in a shared flat and someone to drink a beer or something, contact me.

My five things to do in 2008.

Posted in About Me by plunchete on February 1, 2008

I have been thinking about my plans this year and finally I decided to put it in a public list, all this plans are about my technical aspirations:

  • Learn about PHP and Zend Framework. Why? Although I’m a Java developer (more or less because now I’m coding in JavaScript at work) I want to learn new languages.
  • Rise my contributions in Apache OpenJPA and get the committer status in this project. Why? Because is a great oportunity to learn with some of the best Java developers in one of the most influential communities within the Java Platform. In addition, I wish to colaborate with the OpenSource community.
  • Do a project with my friends Alberto and Néstor, we’ve a lot of projects on queue. Why? IMHO is the time to do a personal project and they are the perfect company.
  • Finish my article about JPA for the javaHispano community. Why? javaHispano is the best Java community for spanish speakers, I’ve learned a lot in this community and I want to contribute with them.
  • Write more technical articles in this blog. Why? Beacuse I created this blog to speak about mi work in the SoC and to improve my english, is a personal commitment.

All this task are about my “free” time, these will be very hard because when I arrive home I’m very tired and I only want to rest … but I really want to do it … I will have to do an effort.

Some news about me

Posted in About Me, General by plunchete on December 28, 2007

Hi all!!

Last weeks I was so busy, many changes in my life. Now I’m living and working in Barcelona, to be more specific in Telefonica Research and Development. They contacted me because of this blog, it’s an amazing thing 🙂

In these weeks / months I have finished my degree, I’ve obtained the maximum rating in my end-of-degree thesis. My thesis has been about my work in the Summer of Code program.

Last week I recorded a podcast about ORMs for JavaHispano, JavaHispano is the bigger Java community in Spanish, this podcast is available on this web. Moreover I’m writing Java Persistence API (JPA) tutorial for this community, this tutorial will be available at soon as posible.

On top, I’m trying to collaborate with the Apache OpenJPA project, I’m writing a patch to add Streams support for the Derby DB.

I will try to write an update every week, I would like to write several technical articles about JPA and Apache OpenJPA. In Barcelona I want to attend some conferences like the First Tuesday España or many others, if you have information about an interesting conference in Barcelona please let me know.

BEAWorld 2007

Posted in About Me, Java by plunchete on October 22, 2007

Last weeks I can’t update the blog, I was very busy, sorry.

 Three weeks ago I went to Barcelona to attend to the BEAWorld, this event had a special section for developers (Develop@BEAWorld). I attended several conferences includign the Rod Johnson’s keynote and the Patrick Linskey’s talk about OpenJPA and Spring.

One of the most interested think, for me, in Rod Johnson’s keynote was OSGi, was very funny when Rod asked who had been problems with classloaders, the 90% of the people rise our hands. Definitely OSGi is part of my TO-DO list.

Patrick Linskey started talking about JPA and a how to use JPA in an application, and he talked about the integration OpenJPA + Spring, Spring has a prety integration with this framework. I had the pleasure to meet Patrick and Eddie O’Neil in person, and we had a great informal talk, thanks a lot Patrick for all 🙂

A lot of people attended to this event, but the thing that caught my attention was that only a few people was from Spain, at least I only saw 4 o 5 people from Spain. Okay this event was for all europe, but I don’t understand why Spanish people don’t value this type of events.



I took a decision about my future

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on August 27, 2007

In this days I was thinking about my future, I have found a great comunity for spanish people who want to go to other country. I was thinking in my future since a few months, but last week I took a decision, I want to go to Ireland when I finish my exams, concretly I want to go to Dublin.

Dublin has a great companies and a amazing software industry, for example US-based companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and many more companies are in Dublin. Yeah, have a job in these companies will be amazing, but It will be very dificult …

My plans, if all my exams will be ok, are going to fligth to Dublin in October, 15th / 14th, search an english academy and a flat (maybe a shared house), I think that an english academy will be good to improve my english fast. And after the first month I will try to find a job, as java developer.

Dublin has great job offers in Java, some good webs to search a jobs are:

And some webs to search for flats:

If you are from Spain, Spaniards is a great web page with a loot of people in other countries like USA, UK, Ireland … If you have a question about something you only have to use the searcher.

And if somebody has a good job offer for me, please email me 😉