Nowbody calls me Ignacio. I’m plunchete, man!


Posted in About Me, General by plunchete on April 4, 2010

Today I decided to write a post. I didn’t write in this blog for a while and I don’t know if I’m going to write in the future but I have been thinking about write something for months. I never had time or inspiration to do it.

Regarding the blog, this old and crappy blog, I decided to do some changes on it.

New blog theme: I don’t like the old one anymore. When I started the blog I suppose I thought it was nice but as I said I don’t like it anymore, I’ve choose a simple theme for the blog, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

New blog title: The previous title of this blog was “Thirsty of code”. Why I decided to use “Thirsty of code”? When I started this blog my intention was to write about code, programming stuff, and that kind of things. Now I decided to move forward, this blog is about me, about things that I like to write here. For this reason I decided to change the blog title. I have been thinking about it and finally I found the inspiration. The title of the blog is now “Nowbody calls me Ignacio. I’m plunchete, man!” Where it comes from? I found the inspiration in an old t-shirt, a t-shirt that I don’t have any more, in a t-shirt from a great movie, the movie is The big Lebowski and this is the t-shirt

T-Shirt The Big Lebowski

New categories: I used to add categories on demand but today I added two. The new categories are life and music. I would like to explain to you why music is so important for me. No, I don’t play any instrument and every time I sing God kills a cat but I really like music. Songs are really important in my life, my life has a soundtrack (I’m pretty sure yours too ;)), some songs are playing around always, some are past, some are a person, a story, a bunch of friends, a trip, etc. Every song has a meaning for me.

BTW the title of this post reminds me a song

Changes – David Bowie


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  1. vramosp said, on April 4, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Qué buen nombre para el blog 🙂 Que disfrutes de la vuelta… !!

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