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My five things to do in 2008.

Posted in About Me by plunchete on February 1, 2008

I have been thinking about my plans this year and finally I decided to put it in a public list, all this plans are about my technical aspirations:

  • Learn about PHP and Zend Framework. Why? Although I’m a Java developer (more or less because now I’m coding in JavaScript at work) I want to learn new languages.
  • Rise my contributions in Apache OpenJPA and get the committer status in this project. Why? Because is a great oportunity to learn with some of the best Java developers in one of the most influential communities within the Java Platform. In addition, I wish to colaborate with the OpenSource community.
  • Do a project with my friends Alberto and Néstor, we’ve a lot of projects on queue. Why? IMHO is the time to do a personal project and they are the perfect company.
  • Finish my article about JPA for the javaHispano community. Why? javaHispano is the best Java community for spanish speakers, I’ve learned a lot in this community and I want to contribute with them.
  • Write more technical articles in this blog. Why? Beacuse I created this blog to speak about mi work in the SoC and to improve my english, is a personal commitment.

All this task are about my “free” time, these will be very hard because when I arrive home I’m very tired and I only want to rest … but I really want to do it … I will have to do an effort.


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  1. […] I’m very happy to contribute with this community, also this is one of “my things to do this year“. […]

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