Nowbody calls me Ignacio. I’m plunchete, man!

Some news about me

Posted in About Me, General by plunchete on December 28, 2007

Hi all!!

Last weeks I was so busy, many changes in my life. Now I’m living and working in Barcelona, to be more specific in Telefonica Research and Development. They contacted me because of this blog, it’s an amazing thing 🙂

In these weeks / months I have finished my degree, I’ve obtained the maximum rating in my end-of-degree thesis. My thesis has been about my work in the Summer of Code program.

Last week I recorded a podcast about ORMs for JavaHispano, JavaHispano is the bigger Java community in Spanish, this podcast is available on this web. Moreover I’m writing Java Persistence API (JPA) tutorial for this community, this tutorial will be available at soon as posible.

On top, I’m trying to collaborate with the Apache OpenJPA project, I’m writing a patch to add Streams support for the Derby DB.

I will try to write an update every week, I would like to write several technical articles about JPA and Apache OpenJPA. In Barcelona I want to attend some conferences like the First Tuesday España or many others, if you have information about an interesting conference in Barcelona please let me know.