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BEAWorld 2007

Posted in About Me, Java by plunchete on October 22, 2007

Last weeks I can’t update the blog, I was very busy, sorry.

 Three weeks ago I went to Barcelona to attend to the BEAWorld, this event had a special section for developers (Develop@BEAWorld). I attended several conferences includign the Rod Johnson’s keynote and the Patrick Linskey’s talk about OpenJPA and Spring.

One of the most interested think, for me, in Rod Johnson’s keynote was OSGi, was very funny when Rod asked who had been problems with classloaders, the 90% of the people rise our hands. Definitely OSGi is part of my TO-DO list.

Patrick Linskey started talking about JPA and a how to use JPA in an application, and he talked about the integration OpenJPA + Spring, Spring has a prety integration with this framework. I had the pleasure to meet Patrick and Eddie O’Neil in person, and we had a great informal talk, thanks a lot Patrick for all 🙂

A lot of people attended to this event, but the thing that caught my attention was that only a few people was from Spain, at least I only saw 4 o 5 people from Spain. Okay this event was for all europe, but I don’t understand why Spanish people don’t value this type of events.