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My work in the Summer of Code

Posted in Google Summer of Code, OpenJPA by plunchete on September 11, 2007

Summer of Code finished at August 21th, but until yesterday my code didn’t part of the Apache OpenJPA project.

Since SoC finished I have refactored the tests classes, added new tests, added my Strategy in the MappingRepository and modified the DataCache, cache the streams is unadvisable, I have executed the tests in diferent databases and, for the moment, it runs in MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle. finally, after all those changes, my code was ready to check in.

Last several months were great, working in a OpenSource project, an important project, last several months I learned how OpenJPA works internally, and definetly I really enjoyed it!!.

When I started SoC my intention was continue contributing with the project that I have elected, and now after the SoC I’m sure that I’m going to continue contributing with the project.

Thanks Patrick for your work with me, and your help, you have been a fantastic mentor!! And, of course, thanks for your finally comment.

If someone wants to use this new feature, will need to download the latest SNAPSHOT and annotate the stream field (InputStream or Reader) like the example.

public class Employee {
    private InputStream photoStream;

And of course to use one the current databases supported.