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I took a decision about my future

Posted in About Me, emigrate by plunchete on August 27, 2007

In this days I was thinking about my future, I have found a great comunity for spanish people who want to go to other country. I was thinking in my future since a few months, but last week I took a decision, I want to go to Ireland when I finish my exams, concretly I want to go to Dublin.

Dublin has a great companies and a amazing software industry, for example US-based companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and many more companies are in Dublin. Yeah, have a job in these companies will be amazing, but It will be very dificult …

My plans, if all my exams will be ok, are going to fligth to Dublin in October, 15th / 14th, search an english academy and a flat (maybe a shared house), I think that an english academy will be good to improve my english fast. And after the first month I will try to find a job, as java developer.

Dublin has great job offers in Java, some good webs to search a jobs are:

And some webs to search for flats:

If you are from Spain, Spaniards is a great web page with a loot of people in other countries like USA, UK, Ireland … If you have a question about something you only have to use the searcher.

And if somebody has a good job offer for me, please email me 😉


Summer of Code has finished

Posted in Google Summer of Code, OpenSource by plunchete on August 27, 2007

Last days I couldn’t update the blog, I have been very busy, I have an exam on friday.

Last monday (21th) was the “pencils down” day in the SoC, mi work finished, I think that my work was good, but I have to wait until 31th to know the result. Next weekend I’m going to write a post about the project, the problems and other things.

I want thank to my mentor Patrick Linskey for his help with the project, his kindness and their lessons, thanks Patrick, you rocks! It’ve been a great summer 🙂

And finally thanks to The Apache Software Foundation for accept my proposal and to Google for the Summer of Code.

Thank you very much!

Open Source and the Spanish companies

Posted in OpenSource by plunchete on August 7, 2007

While I have been take part of the Google Summer of Code, concretly on the project Apache OpenJPA, I had seen how some companies are contributing with this proyect, companies like Bea, Sun or IBM. These companies have their own JEE Aplication Server and they have a similar client market, but they are working in the same Open Source proyect, these companies pay their employers to work on the project, concretly Bea donnated the base code to Apache.

What is the reason to do this? In Spain is very rare that a company open their code, but is realy rare that a company pays its employers to contribute on a Open Source proyect. Clearly Bea, Sun and IBM are a large software companies, they cannot be in a mistake. But why spanish companies do this?

How many Spanish companies contribute with Open Source? Only a few.

How many Spanish companies take advantage of Open Source? Almost all of them.

The best example of a Spanish company who believes in Open Source is Warp Networks this company is from Zaragoza (my city) and with only a handful people and a great product eBox, an this product is going to be going to be the official Ubuntu server management tool.

But this is a rare case in Spain and I don’t know why … but this is Spain, people think different, bosses think diferent and companies think diferent.

Will other companies follow this example? What do you think?