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My Summer of Code proposal

Posted in Google Summer of Code by plunchete on April 17, 2007

Here is my entire proposal for the Summer of Code program, I hope that it helps to other students in the future.


OpenJPA is a 100% open-source implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA), which is the persistence component for EJB in the Java EE 5 specification (part of JSR-220).

JPA combines the best ideas of other persintence technology, such as Hibernate, JDO and TopLink

The fields BLOB and CLOB of sql are translated for the Java programmer in the (for BLOBs) and (for CLOBs) types, the objective of this project is to provide a serialization in database of these objects in a natural way.


A code that das this functionality to the OpenJPA library in a transparent way for the user.

Battery of unity-test and functionality test of code in this Project with JUnit.

– Benefits for the Apache community:

Java Persistence API is one of the most important parts of the JEE specification, the project OpenJPA provides the community a free implementation of the persistant layer for EJB. The impementation of this new feature allows the user a m ore intuitive usage of the BLOBL and CLOB fields of SQL.

-Design / Approach:

Feature definition. Way of use: try to make it so it can be used in the most intuitive way

Binding definition among the and objects for BLOB and CLOB respectively.

I believe that to provide the user of an abstraction of the database and execute the funtionality of this feature on several databases is something necesary, moreover something required.

– About me:

My name is Ignacio Andreu, I´m 22 years old from Zaragoza (Spain) and I´m finishing my studies of Computer Engineering.

One year ago I worked as Java Developer in “cierzo development” ( ) for 3 monts. I developed an aplication for web positioning, using open-source tools like heritrix as crawler and SQL Server as data base.

Actualy I’m working as J2EE developer in Tool Banking Solutions while finishing my university studies ( ) making a web aplication for the Comunity of Madrid, the application is a pay plataform to pay taxes. This aplication uses electronic certificates and criptography.

I was co-founder of the Java User Group of my university and I have given courses, as teacher, in my university about J2EE.

Knowledge in Java platform: J2ME, J2SE, JSE, J2EE, Servlets, JSP’s, Struts, JDBC, Hibernate, Swing, MIDP 1.0 y 2.0, Threads, Java2d, Java3d, Reflection, Collections.

Regarding academical achievements I got graduated with honors in the subject “Practicas de Programación”, the aplication I made consisted of a framework for the creation of interfaces for Swing user using XML files.

I deeply relieve that taking part in the Google Summer of Code is a fantastic oportunity for a student to get envolved in a project of free software surrounded by professionals. I can´t wait to get started!


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  1. joaquin said, on April 17, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    muy bien titán!!!

  2. jameswillisisthebest said, on September 8, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  3. […] to participate in the Summer of Code program and have some doubts about the proposal, you can see my SoC proposal or if you want you can contact me via e-mail (plunchete _ or post a coment in this blog, […]

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